• Beatles First U.S. Tour


    50 years ago today, the Beatles tour the U.S. for the first time. Cow Palace San Francisco 19 August 1964 The cool site, This Day in Music, reports that the…

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  • Rumble


    Link Wray and His Ray Men Distortion Played live, he'd massively overdrive the little Sears and Roebuck amps he used. In the studio, things were sounding too clean. The solution: punch holes in the cone of the loudspeakers with a pencil. Distortion becomes inevitable. The sound was so intense, and the(...)

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  • Can Science Friday Build a Better Piano?


    The work of Recordingologist, Alex U. Case, and his research colleagues Agnieszka Roginska and Jim Anderson, was featured in a recent Science Friday broadcast.  It begins at the Steinway Piano Factory…

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