• Lowdown


    Boz Scaggs

    We can learn from the Disco Era. Some talented folks were involved. Reverb With a lead vocal that slides in and out of falsetto, a supportive, present reverb is perfect. Sounds like a plate plus lazy pre-delay, with it's upper midrange emphasis, but it's hard(...)

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  • Ideas That Changed Western Music


    The BBC offers up this list of 8: (1) Pythagoras creates the scale. (2) Notation is developed. (3) The piano enters the home. (4) The first recording. (5) The birth of public radio broadcasting. (6) The first chart is published. (7) The dawn of electronic music. (8) The invention of the Walkman.

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  • Float On


    Modest Mouse

    Echo and Chorus Slap Echo on the rhythm guitar gives it the optimistic bounce the tune calls for. The added chorus effect softens the texture. A similar echo and chorus decorates the full frequency, hooky, single note electric guitar lines played front and center before(...)

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