• Float On


    Modest Mouse

    Echo and Chorus Slap Echo on the rhythm guitar gives it the optimistic bounce the tune calls for. The added chorus effect softens the texture. A similar echo and chorus decorates the full frequency, hooky, single note electric guitar lines played front and center before(...)

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  • For What It’s Worth


    Buffalo Springfield

    Tremolo With a strong, deep, slow tremolo almost certainly courtesy of a Fender Amp on the Orange Gretsch G6120 (Chet Atkins), Neil Young's alternating two harmonics communicate fragility and innocence on the edge of something dreadful as the tune slowly unfolds. Distortion Break-up distortion on(...)

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  • Guess I’m Doing Fine



    Reverb Can a vocal be treated with a long reverb and still be intimate? Yes, when the reverb is mono, band limited so as not to have distracting upper mids or competitive low end richness, and has a pre delay that pushes the reverb back(...)

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