• Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, Part I


    James Brown and the Famous Flames

    Pitch Shift Tracked and mixed live, the tune was originally a bit murky, almost 7 minutes long, and maybe didn't groove as hard as desired at the time. A hit single just under 2 minutes long was created through tape edits, tape to tape bouncing(...)

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  • Rock’N Me


    Steve Miller Band

    Echo Slap echo on the lead vocal, throughout the entire tune, sets the stage. It gives it an exciting, live concert feel, and it reminds us today of the sound of the mid-70s. This echo is likely created through tape slap, but any long delay(...)

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  • China Girl


    David Bowie

    Flange + Echo When she says, "Shhhhhhhhh" the vocal gets a decorative bit of flanging, plus echo. Whispers, like falsetto vocals, can be too weak to cut through a mix. If it's the lead vocal, it needs to sit above the rest of the multitrack(...)

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