• Won’t Get Fooled Again


    The Who Echo The best "Yeaaaaaaaaah!" ever recorded in the history of rock-n-roll (according to extensive Recordingology research based solely on listening to music all the time) is by Roger Daltrey here. There are other similar "Yeahs!," but the best scream occurs right after the re-introduction, when(...)

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  • Synchronicity II


    The Police Pitch Shift This tune offers analog pitch shift, through tape speed manipulation. The Intro reveals a 'start tape' effect. Electric guitar is made to feedback steadily at the desired pitch in the studio first. Then the tape machine is punched into record from a standstill.(...)

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  • You Really Got Me


    The Kinks Distortion When overdrive distortion isn't enough for your rhythm electric guitar, you can get added distortion through loudspeaker preparation, slicing bits of it with a razor blade and poking it with a pen, as Dave Davies did here. It's a tradition dating back to 1958,(...)

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