• Guess I’m Doing Fine



    Reverb Can a vocal be treated with a long reverb and still be intimate? Yes, when the reverb is mono, band limited so as not to have distracting upper mids or competitive low end richness, and has a pre delay that pushes the reverb back(...)

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  • Shure Unidyne


    1939 First Single-Cartridge Unidirectional Microphoone Released to the world in 1939, the Shure Unidyne Microphone offered a unidirectional, cardioid pick-up pattern without using two diaphragms.  Through acoustic signal processing, the diaphragm…

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  • Bad



    Echo U2's the Edge has made Delay FX a permanent part of his guitar rig. A classic example is apparent from the introduction of this tune. The lazy dotted eighth note delay isn't just an effect, it's part of the riff. The Edge has composed(...)

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