• Money for Nothing


    Dire Straits

    Distortion - A guitar sound so distinct that the tone identifies the tune. It comes courtesy of all the usual elements of tone -- the player, Mark Knopfler; the guitar, Gibson Les Paul; the amp, Laney; and just the right amount of overdrive. Flange/Comb Filter(...)

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  • You Can Call Me Al


    Paul Simon

    Gated Snare and Toms - The snare and -- especially -- the toms are unnatural from the very beginning of the tune, courtesy of heavily gated reverb. The first snare hit of the tune has a bit more than those that follow, not uncommon when(...)

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  • Sweet Emotion



    Time Reversal - The pre-chorus (first one at about 1:17) has a backbeat built of backwards snare. It's unique sound draws attention to the beat and -- though there is no vocal -- creates a contrasting section offering excitement and anticipation. Distortion - Exquisite tone(...)

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