• For the Love of Money


    The O'Jays

    Echo - Slap echo makes the opening bass line distinct enough to announce the tune, an effect recognizable from the first note decades later. Flanging/Phasing - That same bass line, and the high-hat, and the cymbal crashes, all reveal a 70s-inspired heavy dose of a(...)

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  • Fame


    David Bowie

    Pitch Shift - Possibly the single greatest use of pitch shifting in the history of pop music, a hook was fabricated by changing the pitch David Bowie's voice for a diatonic descent of more than 3 octaves: "FAME, Fame, fame, ..." The effect reveals strong(...)

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  • Lowdown


    Boz Scaggs

    We can learn from the Disco Era. Some talented folks were involved. Reverb With a lead vocal that slides in and out of falsetto, a supportive, present reverb is perfect. Sounds like a plate plus lazy pre-delay, with it's upper midrange emphasis, but it's hard(...)

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