• Bad



    Echo U2's the Edge has made Delay FX a permanent part of his guitar rig. A classic example is apparent from the introduction of this tune. The lazy dotted eighth note delay isn't just an effect, it's part of the riff. The Edge has composed(...)

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  • Signature Electric Guitar Tone – Fender or Gibson?


    We Recordingologist / Guitarists pride ourselves — among other things — on our ability to identify instruments based on tone alone.  Stevie and Jimi teach us the variety of sounds that can come…

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  • Kinder Murder


    Distortion The opening rhythm guitars have plenty of texture and unique character, in part through distortion, but the distortion becomes a powerful attention-getter when it is kicked up to support Elvis' expressive, organic vocal distortion in a strained scream on the mid-chorus line, "She should(...)

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