• Sound on Foil

    Tired of staring at the cartoon waveforms on the screen of your digital audio workstation? Me too. Some relief: Have a look at the foil after a recording session on an Edison…

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  • 4 Questions about Prince

    Your recordingologist-in-residence, Alex U. Case, was asked 4 questions about his presentation at Purple Reign – An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Life and Legacy of Prince,  Read it online, and have a listen to…

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  • First Use of Analog Tape in Professional Audio

    Bing Crosby

    FX First The first use of analog tape in professional audio was heard by listeners on October 1, 1947, with the Philco Radio Time broadcast of Bing Crosby's 30 minute variety show. This was the beginning of Season Two, and it followed a search for(...)

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