• Who Was In Your Band in Grade School?

    Steve Miller / Jimmie Vaughan post

    File under “Things You Learn At Concerts,” this one at a Steve Miller gig with Jimmie Vaughan in NYC: Steve Miller created a band while in school at St. Mark’s…

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  • Sound FX – SOS Review

    Sound FX

    Recordingology is happy to see Sound FX reviewed in the May 2016 issue of Sound on Sound magazine. It’s never too late to give the book a review. It’s never…

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  • Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, Part I


    James Brown and the Famous Flames

    Pitch Shift Tracked and mixed live, the tune was originally a bit murky, almost 7 minutes long, and maybe didn't groove as hard as desired at the time. A hit single just under 2 minutes long was created through tape edits, tape to tape bouncing(...)

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