• Kiss

    Prince and the Revolution

    Reverb The kick drum, from a Linn 9000 drum machine, gets extended and reshaped with a rhythmic bounce courtesy of an unusual reverb. The AMS RMX 16, an early digital reverb popular then (and now) had two programs called "reverse." Not actually reversing the reverb(...)

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  • Pan Pot Matters – Piano

    There is much for a recordingologist to admire in Ben Folds’ Still Fighting It. – The fragile vocal over a sparse arrangement in each verse. – The contrasting power in…

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  • Trick or Timbre: Backmasking

    Check out Atlas Obscura’s very interesting article on The Fight to Save America From Satan’s Subliminal Rock Messages, by Bryan Gardiner. Can you hear backwards? That is, if we reverse…

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