• Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

    Rolling Stones

    Distortion: Keith Richards plays his Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with exquisite distortion, in open G tuning, for the iconic opening riff, panned hard right. This is very much in contrast to Mick Taylor's clean tone from his walnut brown Gibson ES-345 on both rhythm(...)

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  • Don’t Do Me Like That

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

    Pitch Shift: Engineer Shelly Yakus fabricate a high harmony vocal in each chorus by pitch shifting Tom Petty's lead vocal by a fixed interval of a Perfect Fourth using an Eventide H910, the first commercially available digital pitch shifter. It's on the lyrics that form(...)

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  • Hold Me My Daddy


    Chorus: Lush thick chorus appears on tasty guitars throughout. Pitch Shift: Note the 1-octave-down layer beneath the electric guitar solo. It's not about making the tone thicker or heavier, rather, it seems to help the performance make an even stronger statement. The staccato, angular melody(...)

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