• Pitch Shifting FX for the Lead Vocal

    We’ve just added some examples on the use of Pitch Shift FX. We share detailed signal flow and audio examples.

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  • Something to Talk About

    Bonnie Raitt

    Reverb: The drums throughout this tune sound live and open, exquisitely recorded by one of the greats: Ed Cherney. But note the extra room sound added to the drums in the breakdown after Bonnie's slide solo (at about 2:30). The ear-grabbing room ambience is helped(...)

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  • Rock Steady

    Aretha Franklin

    Echo: Aretha's vocal gets a rather surprising special effect in this recording, in the form of a regenerating echo. Those Aaahs/Ooohs get a bit of ear grabbing spin, adding motion and support and interest to her long sustained single syllables. Such an effect risks being(...)

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