• First Digital Pitch Shifter

    1975 The Eventide H910 Harmonizer first: Digital Pitch Shifter, and -- more importantly -- the first Multi-FX unit, offering opportunities beyond the stock processes of the time: filters, delays, reverbs, etc. For this to happen, audio had to be digitized; it can't be done in(...)

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  • Kiss

    Prince and the Revolution

    Reverb The kick drum, from a Linn LM-1 drum machine, gets extended and reshaped with a rhythmic bounce courtesy of an unusual reverb. The AMS RMX 16, an early digital reverb popular then (and now) had two programs called "reverse." Not actually reversing the reverb(...)

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  • Pan Pot Matters – Piano

    There is much for a recordingologist to admire in Ben Folds’ Still Fighting It. – The fragile vocal over a sparse arrangement in each verse. – The contrasting power in…

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