Everyday is a Winding Road

  • Artist: Sheryl Crow
  • Album: Sheryl Crow
  • Label: A&M Records
  • Year: 1996
  • Producer: Sheryl Crow
  • Engineer: Tchad Blake, Blair Lamb, Bob Salcedo, Trina Shoemaker
  • Studio: Sunset Sound Factory and Sunset Sound, Los Angeles; Kingsway Studio, New Orleans


The level of the vocal ranges from impossibly intimate to triple forte, yet the objective loudness stays essentially the same. We feel the emotional dynamics, but the vice grip control over level guarantees every syllable is understood.

The vocal arrangement gives lots of quick contrasts for study, from single vocal, to harmonies (Sheryl singing with Sheryl), and doubling. The doubling in the pre-chorus is ever so slightly sloppy. She can match her performance with amazing precision, but chooses here to give us a blurrier texture. Then, when she hits the chorus, with compressed and EQd clarity ("Everyday Is A Winding Road"), it gets the benefit of added clarity courtesy of the contrast with the loose doubling just before. It's a nice detail.

Echo with Reverse Reverb
The song asks if it was every really happening, at about 3:05, so we get some unreal FX embellishment.


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