To Bring You My Love

  • Artist: P J Harvey
  • Album: To Bring You My Love
  • Label: Island Records
  • Year: 1995
  • Producer: Flood, P J Harvey, John Parish
  • Engineer: Flood, P J Harvey
  • Studio: Townhouse Studios (London)


Her lead vocal doesn't just distort, it flirts and then fights with distortion. The distortion is not an always on sort of crackle. Instead, her level pushes up through and falls back below the threshold of distortion. Is this digital clipping on an H3000 or similar again, Mr. Flood? Pushing a device into distortion in this way is incredibly expressive. Her performance dynamic gets magnified by the timbral enrichment of severe harmonic distortion. The louder she sings, the more distortion she causes. When she backs off, the signal cleans up and draws us back in closer.


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