Merry Go Round

  • Artist: The Replacements
  • Album: All Shook Down
  • Label: Sire
  • Year: 1990
  • Producer: Scott Litt, Paul Westerberg
  • Engineer: Paul Berry, Jon Goldberger, Scott Litt, Clif Norrell


Distortion requires some finesse. These heavy guitar tones, likely Gibson guitars, have a gorgeous but thoughtful bit of distortion. They aren't so crunchy that the low end gives way to high end crackle. More importantly, the rhythm guitar has a milder dose of distortion than the lead guitar, so that the lead guitar can cut through and be heard over the rhythm part. And both guitars are tame enough that the vocal is never obscured by the distortion.

There is a notable echo effect on the vocal in the middle eight, updating 1970s trippiness for the 1990s, keeping The Replacements neatly out of simple, straight-ahead grunge.


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