• Artist: Youth Lagoon
  • Album: The Year of Hibernation
  • Label: Fat Possum Records
  • Year: 2011
  • Producer: Trevor Powers, Jeremy Park
  • Engineer: Jeremy Park
  • Studio: Kung Pow


Chamber Reverb
The lead vocal has chamber reverb throughout - courtesy of a 4-bay garage - for an obscured, distant timbre that sets the whole tune up as a reflective remembrance.
Engineer Jeremy Park's thorough blog gives some details:

"We set up two studio speaker monitors at one end of The Garage - facing the open area, and 4 condenser mics in the room at various distances to capture the natural ambience of this spacious arena. From what I recall, one mic was close, one mic was in the center of the room in omni-pattern, and two mics were set up as a spaced pair on the total opposite end of the garage. The spaced pair was very non-directional and was pointed towards the corners of the ceiling - for a 100% wet sound."
adding later,
"We really felt that this re-amped vocal completed the sound for the album and it strongly dictated how the rest of the musical elements would be treated further. The wet vocals you hear on the album are almost entirely taken from these chamber verb tracks."


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