• Artist: Peter Gabriel
  • Album: So
  • Label: Geffen Records
  • Year: 1986
  • Producer: Peter Gabriel, Daniel Lanois
  • Engineer: David Bascombe, David Bottrill, Richard Chappell, Kevin Killen, Bruce Lampcov, Daniel Lanois, David Stallbaumer
  • Studio: Ashcombe House in Swainswick, Somerset, England


Pitch Shift
Tony Levin's fretless bass, played with a pick, gets extra low end courtesy of an octave pedal, mixed in one full octave below, giving the tune extra weight.

Tony Levin's bass also has a chorus effect, giving the bass a spectrally wider and more interesting sound. Note that the chorus effect does not affect the lowest frequencies. A high pass filter on the send to the chorus will do this, allowing the low end to be stable in the tone, and empowering the mids and highs to bend and shimmer. This is particularly revealed on the higher melody lines in the bass performance, when the effect becomes more pronounced, only to recede when he reaches for the lower notes.


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