Won’t Get Fooled Again

  • Artist: The Who
  • Album: Who's Next
  • Label: MCA/Polydor
  • Year: 1971
  • Producer: Glyn Johns, The Who
  • Engineer: Glyn Johns
  • Studio: Olympic Studios, London, UK


The best "Yeaaaaaaaaah!" ever recorded in the history of rock-n-roll (according to extensive Recordingology research based solely on listening to music all the time) is by Roger Daltrey here. There are other similar "Yeahs!," but the best scream occurs right after the re-introduction, when those cool keyboards come back in, and right before the line, "Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss." This scream is a real rock and roll icon.
Listen carefully (especially at the end of the scream) and you'll hear a set of delayed screams supporting it underneath. It's Roger Daltrey, only more so. It's half a dozen Roger Daltreys. It makes quite a statement. We can all do this. All we need is a long delay with some regeneration, and young Roger.


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