For the Love of Money

  • Artist: The O'Jays
  • Album: Ship Ahoy
  • Label: Philadelphia International Records
  • Year: 1973
  • Producer: Gamble and Huff
  • Engineer: Joe Tarsia
  • Studio: Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia

Echo -
Slap echo makes the opening bass line distinct enough to announce the tune, an effect recognizable from the first note decades later.

Flanging/Phasing -
That same bass line, and the high-hat, and the cymbal crashes, all reveal a 70s-inspired heavy dose of a short delay effect, in the flanging/phasing family.

Time Reversal -
Reverse reverb is added to the Background Vocals, morphing the voices of the O'Jays into a psychedelic synth texture suitable for the time. It also does a nice job making the tune pop out of the loudspeakers.


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