Electric Guitar Amp Sound Radiation – Take One


Here’s Andrew Madden’s excellent animation of the spectral radiation of an electric guitar amp from measurements at the University of Massachusetts Lowell by Agnieszka Roginska, Jim Anderson, Andrew Madden, and Alex Case, utilizing a prototype high-spatial-resolution microphone array from Sennheiser.

This is the top view, looking down on a Fender Deluxe 1 by 12″ tube amp.  The amp is facing upward, with the open back radiation pouring out downward.  The animation shows one side only, as it’s time consuming to measure (2 days, capturing several thousand impulse responses), so we assumed symmetry on the other side.  Results have been presented at AES and ASA, with more on the way.

This is part of a continuing effort, so stay tuned for more — more amps, other instruments, higher resolution, even prettier pix, . . .