Pitch Shift


  • Fix out of tune tracks that can’t be re-recorded correctly.
  • Fit bits of a crowded mix together with the help of a pitch-based spreader, thickener, or layering effect.
  • Feature tracks with obvious new pitch qualities, composing new musical parts, and imparting a new shape to any melody or chord sequence.


  • Extraordinary signal processing sophistication is accompanied by complex, and rarely intuitive user interfaces.
  • Musical use of pitch correction tools requires mastery of the parameters and practice with the processor.
  • Listen carefully. Pitch perfection is not always the best answer. Learn to expect unexpected artifacts.

from MIX SMART QUICK START: Pitch Shift {pp. 179}

Pitch Shift FX


Spreader Signal Flow

Pitch Shift (just a few cents) + Delay (just a few milliseconds) are the basis of a common mix move casually known as a signal ‘spreader.’ Let’s do it.


Thickener signal flow

More Pitch Shift + longer Delay creates regenerative, uncorrelated energy that can add a kind of ‘thickness’ to the timbre of the track. Let’s do it.

The Pitch Shift-ography

Have a listen to some great recordings with some clever Pitch Shift FX.

And, of course, the first digital pitch shifter was invented by the good folks at Eventide.