Mix Smart or Sound FX?

It’s a common question: Which book by Case should I get?

Of course – and I’m a bit biased – I think most readers will enjoy both.
But there is a distinction between the two:

Mix Smart is the more hands-on book, focusing on what you can do in the studio and how to do it — now. While possessing a less technical approach than Sound FX, it is far from ‘dumbed-down.’ It still gets the facts right, and rewards the reader willing to think things through on a technical and musical level.

Sound FX is more theoretical, delivering insight into why we should do what we do in the studio. It contains measurements and explanations of audio signal processing found nowhere else. But it doesn’t live in the abstract. Sound FX focuses all of its science on the music.  It gives you the deep knowledge of audio signal processors needed to work fast and stay creative.

Get either book. You can’t lose.
Get both books, my mom thanks you.

– Alex U. Case