The Sound of the Universe – Intro

John G. Cramer, physicist and – one would suspect – audio fan, has rendered the sound of the birth of the known universe audible.

He had to shift the pitch up by factor of 10^26, or

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times

to bring it into the audible band, which might throw T-Pain and Cher for a bit of a loop.  He provides 5 versions of the sound at his site, and recommends this one, 100 seconds long.

Sound of the Big Bang

Please note, this is only the Intro, the first 760,000 years.  It’s a slow pitch dive brought about by Doppler Shift, as the expanding universe stretches the wavelength, and therefore lowers the frequency of the waves propogating within.

It’s usually a good thing when physics and sound get together.  Thanks to and note copyright of:

(c) John G. Cramer – 2013.