Sweet Emotion

  • Artist: Aerosmith
  • Album: Toys in the Attic
  • Label: Columbia
  • Year: 1975
  • Producer: Jack Douglas
  • Engineer: Jay Messina
  • Studio: The Record Plant

Time Reversal -
The pre-chorus (first one at about 1:17) has a backbeat built of backwards hand claps. It's unique sound draws attention to the beat and -- though there is no vocal -- creates a contrasting section offering excitement and anticipation.

Distortion -
Exquisite tone on the rhythm guitar comes, almost certainly, from a Gibson Les Paul, plus a confident dose of distortion. Note that the high frequency glow of harmonic distortion doesn't over power the low end fullness of tone. Less distortion would be a disappointment, but more distortion would add crackle and edge up high at the expense of strength down low.

Chorus -
Hard panned, heavily double-tracked vocals create a dense texture, a unique timbre for the hook, the chorus, the title, the words "Sweet Emotion."


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