Vocal Microphones: Transducer Technologies Tied To Performance Techniques

Your recordingologist-in-residence, Alex U. Case, was allocated two pages in the recent issue of Physics Today to discuss the connection between microphones and singers. It’s available online or as a PDF. Throughout the history of sound recording, vocal performance techniques have evolved to take advantage of the transducer technology of the day. It is available for all to read, free of charge, and audio illustrations have been gathered here at recordingology.

In addition, Professor Case has a 60 to 90 minute multimedia presentation on the topic. Contact him to arrange an in-person speaking engagement for your organization, should you wish to see and hear more. The presentation includes discussion of how singers advanced their microphone technique to get the sound they wanted, with the microphones they had available. It includes a good collection of audio examples to clearly demonstrate the concepts discussed. Oh, and it includes a slide with a favorite, if slightly silly, slide title: